Help Your Little Ones Learn to Talk!

Language is the Foundation for...

The purpose of Talk the Talk

This course is designed to help you help your child learn to talk! I want you to finish this course having learned the skills to know HOW to talk and interact with your baby or toddler. I want you to feel empowered, knowledgeable and excited to stimulate your child's language!

Elise’s Story

Elise's passion is helping others. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Speech-Language Pathology from Brigham Young University. She has experience working as a speech therapist with neuro-rehabilitation patients, school-age children, special education preschool students, early intervention and her two young daughters. Elise created Talk the Talk because she saw a void in parents access to information about their child's language development. Elise wants to empower all parents to take charge of the development of their children's speech and language! After all, language is foundation for learning, reading, behavior and social skills!

Why is Speech and Language so important?

“Developing language skills is vital for your child’s success later in life!
Speech and language are the foundation for learning, behavior and social abilities. Set your little one up for success!