About us

Welcome to Talk the Talk!

We’re so happy you’re here! We are the Hunters- the creators of Talk the Talk.


Upon finishing her graduate degree in Speech-Language Pathology, Elise discovered a lack of access to information for parents to help their children talk. She knows the importance of language development in the daily and future success of children! She had a dream to empower parents everywhere with knowledge and resources to take control of their little one’s language development.


After having two little girls, Lila and Gracie, Elise set out to make that dream a reality! Talk the Talk was born!


Scott is the technology mastermind and #1 cheerleader behind Talk the Talk. He created the website and paved the way for all of this important information to be available for parents around the world. He spent years listening to Elise’s big dreams and always said: “go for it!”.


Lila and Gracie are Elise’s sidekicks and inspiration. They put up with mom always using her speech and language therapy techniques on them. They love it! They are little miracles and couldn’t be more loved.


Elise has put so much work, love and passion into Talk the Talk! She is so excited to help parents learn how to talk to their children so that their children will talk back!