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Talk the Talk with Baby Sign

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  • Houlev

    Baby signs made easy!

    I wanted to start teaching my 6 month old son sign language and thanks to this resource now I will! All my questions were answered, including how to start and how many signs to introduce. I appreciate the simple steps and straight forward format. I'm confident I can start teaching my little man sign language!
  • RAlice08

    Fantastic Resource!

    My husband and I watched the course together - we learned so much! We are now completely on the same page about teaching our little dude sign language. We are so excited to get started!
  • Nelliet1

    Highly Recommend

    Loved this! The videos were so educational and the tips very helpful. My youngest son now knows a good handful of signs and is even trying to sound them out on his own. It is so much easier to communicate with him; my older kids have even learned many of the signs and can communicate with him as well. Highly recommend!!!


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