Talk the Talk Course

Evidence-Based Tips and Techniques to Help Your Little One’s Speech and Language Development : Ages Birth to 4



    Please note: This course does NOT guarantee that your baby or toddler will be talking a certain amount at any specific age.


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  • devinr94

    Amazing resources

    I love love love this course! It was so helpful, especially for visual learners. Plus I loved that you are provided with the packet to follow along and take notes. I love the tips and I thought it was great how the course showed you how to use the techniques with different ages. I'm so grateful to Elise for creating such a helpful and amazing resource for parents. With so much information on the internet (most incorrect) it feels good knowing I have the right tools to help my daughter succeed. When this course came out I didn't hesitate for a second on purchasing and it has already proven that I made the right choice. My daughters language expanded so much after this course. I also always appreciate how helpful the blog and the parent homework tips are on Instagram. I will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know with a young child. I am beyond words thankful for Elise and this course!
  • amandampowell

    Motivated to Teach my Children Language!

    I have so many good things to say about this course! One of my favorite things about this course is that it is parent focused and breaks the development of a child from birth to three years in a way that is motivating but also easy to follow! Alot of what she teaches is so realistic when implementing and teaching speech with multiple children! I have a toddler and twins and often feel like spending time with each of them individually is sometimes hard but she provides the best examples for opportunities to learn when doing any type of multitasking task! The knowledge that she shares is incredible but I love that everything she teaches you is evidence based and tried and true! I am more excited than ever to continue to implement her methods and encourage my children and make language fun! I’ve already noticed a difference in the responses of my two year old just by making it more fun!
  • Epalmer

    Definitely recommend

    Love it! This is not presented as a course on how to make your child be a certain way or do certain things (I feel like lots of baby courses are so focused on making your child do things and then you feel like a failure if your kid doesn’t fit that mold). It is a course on what you can do as a parent to give your child the best opportunity to succeed and learn to communicate effectively. I LOVE that it is parent-focused! And that the content applies no matter where in the age range your child lands or how far along they are developmentally. I have an almost three-year-old and a one-year-old the content applied so well to both of them. It’s amazing how many tips you can incorporate into your daily interactions with your kids, without them realizing you are “teaching” them. I love that Elise includes examples of her using each tip on her kids to help you really internalize it and see how to use it successfully. We have been using these tips on my three-year-old and he was a late talker, but since he started talking he literally has the speech of a five-year-old. Each kid has their own developmental path no matter what you do to influence it, but I’m certain that a large part of his vocabulary and articulation have been from the things we have learned in this course and used with him in our daily interactions. Elise is an amazing person and a wonderful, qualified speech pathologist and I love how positive and uplifting she is throughout the course. She really cares about this cause and I know if you have questions or issues she will do anything to help you succeed!
  • ljlords

    One of a kind!

    The timing as to when I was introduced to this course, couldn't be more perfect for my little one. My son is 14 months old and I can tell he is just trying so hard to express himself so that I can understand what he needs. (You know, lots of pointing and grunting at things...) When this course launched I was immediately interested. Because as a mom, I want what's best for my child and his development. What better way to learn than from a professional Speech Pathologist! Better yet, one who could be in my own home teaching me the tools I need to teach my son at my own pace. I was blown away by how unique this course was. Not only did Elise provide great content, but she shows you in home videos how she uses her own tips with her daughters. This course taught me how children's minds work as they are preparing to speak and with her tools, how I can properly guide my child in helping him learn to talk, and talk well. I had no idea how much detail goes into speech and language. Elise, with her exceptional experience and degree teaches you such powerful yet, simple tools that can help encourage little ones to speak. I have already begun using the tips and tricks with my son and I am eager to see results! Not only did I learn so much from this course, but I also grew to respect the complexity of talking, and how amazing this course marries education and fun for our children. This is a one of a kind course that I believe every parent should educate themselves in!!
  • aimeeball

    Love this course!

    This course has been so helpful and is so well constructed. There is a lot of useful information shared in concise segments that made it easy for me to take in and learn from (with easy breaks/pauses) and I'm already applying with my children. I loved the natural videos she shares to solidify and demonstrate taught tips and principles right after the explanation. They are from normal day to day activities in the home with her own children which made it feel very relatable and doable for me. Elise has a very friendly, positive approach that encouraged me as I watched to try techniques and I felt informed and confident of the things that I do that are helpful so I know to continue those and learned the things that are not as helpful and why so I can change those things. Thank you Elise for helping me to talk THE talk so I can help my children in the most positive, effective ways to develop in their speech and language.