How to Make Screen Time More Interactive

Have you seen the new American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for Screen Time?

If you haven’t, you can check them out here.

We fully support the new guidelines and applaud their new focus on interaction during screen time.

Here are a few quick tips to making your child’s screen time as interactive as possible:

1.As much as possible, watch TV or other screen time with your child. We understand that you might not be able to sit next to them the entire time, but make it a priority to be near them as much as you can! This will help you monitor the content and aid in interaction.

2. Talk about what is happening on the screen. “Ariel is swimming! She is a fast swimmer! I like her tail; it’s green and goes up and down” or “Wow! Look at that huge dump truck! He is going to carry all that dirt over to the dirt pile.”

3. Help your child relate what is happening on the screen to real-life situations. “Look! She is eating an apple. We ate apples for lunch today!” or “He got a new toy for his birthday! Do you remember your birthday party? Grandma got you a new monster truck!”

4. Ask questions. While you are watching with your child or when the show is over, think of questions to ask your child. “Oh-no! Where did the puppy go?” or “What was the silliest thing Elmo saw today?”

5. Try acting out the story with your child as you watch their favorite show. You can use toys to act-out the plot, or you can pretend to be the characters yourself. Either way, it can turn their screen-time into an interactive scenario to practice language.

These tips will help you make screen time more productive for your child’s language development.

It is important to remember, children cannot learn language JUST through watching people talk on TV; they need back-and-forth interaction to understand vocabulary, grammar, and how to use language.

Our Talk the Talk video course teaches and shows wonderful tips and techniques to use in all situations, including maximizing interaction during screentime! Make sure to check it out HERE.

— Victoria Lovett MS, CCC-SLP

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