Have you ever heard someone say— “ignore my annoying #momvoice!” —??

I feel like I hear it almost everyday on Instagram Stories! But, DID YOU KNOW that #momvoice is actually officially called “motherese” or “parentese” ?? (Yep dads do it too!)

Research has shown that babies PREFER #momvoice and it even HELPS your baby:

  • Pay attention to speech
  • Learn how speech works
  • Know which words are the most important

#momvoice is POWERFUL!

How incredible is it that we innately do this?!? We are hard-wired to talk at a higher and varied pitch, with slower pace and exaggerated emphasis to our babies! It is AMAZING.

But, wait, is “mom voice” the same “baby talk”? The answer is no! “Mom voice” is good for babies, and “baby talk” (or Telegraphic Speech) has no real benefit for babies.

“Mom Voice” vs. Telegraphic speech or “baby talk”

Mom Voice:

  • Has complete sentences
  • Uses correct grammar (correct verb tense, pronouns, etc.)
  • Emphasizes important words
  • Varied pitch that makes speech exciting and interesting

“Baby Talk” (or telegraphic speech):

  • Has poor sentence structure
  • Sounds unnatural
  • Uses poor enunciation on words
  • Does NOT accurately convey how language works

“Baby talk” is just fluff that doesn’t really teach our babies about language and how to use it. We want to provide good, language-building examples of speech for our children.

So, use that #momvoice and use it proud!

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