Summer Activity Ideas

Young children learn through PLAY. That means, this summer, you’re going to have a summer FULL of learning! Language can be practiced anywhere and anytime. You do NOT have to coordinate fancy activities to really engage your children and teach language.

For tips on HOW to practice language in ANY situation, check out our Talk the Talk Course.

Here are our top FIVE low-key summer activities ideas to practice language:


Whether you make it to the beach this summer or you make a simple sensory bin full of sand in your backyard, playing in sand can be such a fun way to explore textures and vocabulary. One easy way to target vocabulary words is to “bury treasure!” Talk about each item you cover in sand. Ask “where did it go?!” Dig, dig, dig, and yell “we found it!”

Pool Days

The pool is a great place to practice words like “splash” or “wet.” Pick 5 words and try to say each of them 10 times at the pool: practice words like “water, towel, swim suit, goggles,” or anything else you might see at the pool. For older toddlers, you can focus on concepts like “sink or float.”

Sidewalk Chalk

Drawing with chalk is a GREAT activity for targeting colors, shapes, and simple objects. We like to play pictionary at my house – everyone takes a turn drawing something, and we all guess what they are drawing!


Bubbles are a GREAT way to practice words like “blow, bubble, pop,” and “more!” Because, who doesn’t want MORE bubbles?!


Picnics are a super fun and EASY way to make any summer day memorable. You can target vocabulary words like: basket, blanket, the food you brought, birds you hear, ants you see, or the “poky” grass.

We hope these simple activities sparked your OWN ideas on how to target language this summer! Now, go have a fantastic summer!

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