The Three B’s for Early Language Activities

One of the most common questions we, as speech therapists, get is: What are the best activities to work on language with my baby?

Three GREAT activities we always recommend are: Bubbles, Books, and Balls!

These are ALL activities most families can easily do — with no prep-work!


It is a universal truth: kids LOVE bubbles! And, they will do almost anything for them. Plus, they need YOUR help to open them, and to blow them! It really is the perfect set-up for language. Before you blow, practice having your child request — practice saying “bubble!,” or just that initial sound “buh,” or even just gesturing for more bubbles is a step in the right direction. null


Books are a wonderful way to teach new vocabulary and help them associate words with pictures. You can work on expressive language by targeting vocabulary and teaching basic concepts. And, you can work on receptive language by asking questions. Books are always, always a great activity to practice language.


Believe it or not, playing with balls can create a great environment to practice several language skills! You can practice turn-taking skills, labeling “my turn!” and “your turn” (this is also a great way to practice pronouns). Playing with balls also teaches verbs — practice saying out-loud “kick” every time you kick, and “throw,” “catch,” and “roll!” Children understand and learn verbs SO much faster when they are physically doing that activity!

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

For more specific instruction (and video examples!) of HOW to stimulate and elicit language with your little one, check out our Talk the Talk course!

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