Why Speech?

Why is Speech and Language Development so important?

Why does it need to be a major focus in the first 3 years of life?

Why do you need to ACTIVELY work to develop your child’s language skills?


Your Child’s Speech and Language skills play a major role in their behavioral health, social health and academic success!

Language development increases your child’s social skills. Language skills give your child the ability to use language for different purposes, adapt language for different needs and follow unspoken rules of conversation.  Each fundamental to developing meaningful relationships and connections.
Research shows that children who fall behind in their speech and language skills are often excluded by their peers from social play.³ 
This is not a short-term problem but typically extends into secondary school.
By stimulating and focusing on your child’s language development in the earliest years of their life, you are setting them up for social success with peers and happier relationships with family.
Research has shown, time and time again, that a child’s language ability plays a fundamental role in their future academic success.
A recent study found that early childhood language is a “reliable predictor of future academic achievement.” ¹
Vocabulary and language skills enable them to ask questions, understand expectations, and comprehend information. Language development is the foundation for reading and writing skills which are fundamental to school success.
Language skills are also necessary for critical thinking and problem solving found in many subjects like math and science. So many important academic tasks are tied to your child’s ability to access and use language in the right ways at the right time.
Language is the gateway to learning.
Speech and Language skills greatly affect your child’s behavior.
Research has shown that language ability has a direct effect on your child’s ability to regulate their attention and behavior.2
 Having speech and language skills allows your child to effectively communicate their wants and needs. Without these abilities, children often become frustrated with their inability to communicate and are easily agitated or have emotional outbursts. Speech and Language skills also help children to listen, follow rules and understand expectations.
Working daily to help your child talk will often result in the improvement of their temperament,

These are just 3 of the MANY reasons why Speech and Language are so vital to your child’s current and future success. It is my passion to help parents be empowered with the skills and knowledge to grow their child’s language!

Our Talk the Talk Course is designed to teach you tips and techniques to stimulate and grow your child’s language skills so that they are set up for future success in all areas of their life!

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